Understand the story body odor

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The state of odor formation is quite complex. Need to be separated into 2 types: Types of body odor caused by smell glands and types of sweat odor disease.

Scent glands: produce Pheromone substances. There will be only a slight smell. But when the odor glands secrete this substance and mix it with bacteria, it turns into odorous substances, namely ammonia and short-chain fatty acids. That gives off a strong odor, most commonly found in the armpits and genital areas. It is not the same as the smell of sweat that is all over the body.

Sweat smell: will be caused by Sweat glands work a lot. Together with the presence of bacteria on the surface that breaks down the epidermis, it causes sweat. For example, There is a lot of sweat on the hands, feet, and armpits.

Someone who smells quite bad and has holes in their feet, which is caused by sweating a lot. There is dampness. and bacteria go to decompose the epidermis. In addition to causing holes, it also emits a bad smell. Report by สมัคร ufabet

Causes of body odor Body odor is caused by many reasons. 

  • Born according to the body’s natural system Because the body has glands that produce odors, such as apocrine sweat glands located in the armpits.
  • caused by clothes Wearing clothes that are smelly, damp, or that haven’t been cleanly washed. Causes the body to accumulate bacteria. When the body is sweaty, it is very easy to smell. 
  • Caused by hormonal changes Because some people have more male hormones than female hormones. This causes the body’s systems to work abnormally, such as problems with acne, oily face, and body odor as well.
  • Caused by eating food such as spicy food or food with a pungent odor. It will make the body sweat easily. Not only body odor, but also problems with bad breath may occur.